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New identity for MainManager

As you might know, MainManager was bought by Norwegian company, Ørn Software, in December 2020.

We are still the same people working on the MainManager software. We are continuing to develop solutions, dealing with and maintaining the contact with our customers.

What is new, is that we are part of a much bigger picture. With a broader range of solutions.

As described on Ørn Softwares website:

We are field leaders in industrial maintenance and management, as well as in facility and property management. Now we are about to secure an equally strong position within Norway’s second biggest export: aquaculture. We also offer solutions for businesses wishing to keep tabs on their energy consumption and their environmental footprint. Our user-friendly systems give all its users a complete overview of business critical tasks, thus facilitating better cooperation and streamlining operations. This ensures an efficient management of real estate and industrial assets, as well as the ability to document sustainable operations

Ørn Software
Nature at its finest. New imagery for MainManager.

New imagery and logo for MainManager

As a result of the sale, we are happy to show off the new logo for our product. We hope you like it and get used to the change.

New MainManager logo

Our Facebook and LinkedIn pages have also gone through a few changes, so pop by to have a look.


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The Ørn Software family is growing!


In early March 2021, Ørn Software acquired the Tromsø-based software company Facilit, thus gaining an impressive portfolio of new customers in the public sector in Norway

“Facilit has had impressive results and fits the Ørn portfolio perfectly. This acquisition strengthens our position nationally in the Facility Management field,” says Ørn Software’s CEO Sten-Roger Karlsen. The acquisition gives Ørn Software a 39% share of the Norwegian facility management market. The acquisition also provides Ørn with 12 highly skilled employees in Tromsø and Tønsberg. Globally, this is a rapidly-expanding business area. Even better systems for sustainable management, operations, maintenance and development of property will be required in the future.

“Facilit has developed flexible and modern software that has been well received in their part of the market. Markets where Ørn Software so far has had a relatively small presence, such as Norwegian municipalities and counties. So, market-wise we complement each other very well,” Karlsen continues.

Read the full story here


On the 29th of March 2021 Ørn Software went public on Euronext Growth in Oslo

The IPO is a huge milestone in Ørn Software’s history of strong growth. The listing on Euronext Growth represents a solid platform on which we can build our growth story further. Over the last few years, we have continued to improve our customer proposition and broaden our geographical footprint. This combination of organic and acquisition-driven growth initiatives has led to an annual recurring revenue that on average has increased 80 % per year in the period 2017-2020.

Ørn Software goes public
From left: Joar Welde – Board Chair, Erik Hagen – Board member, Vidar André Løken – CFO, Ørn Software, Sten-Roger Karlsen – CEO, Ørn Software

Capital increase of NOK 250 million

CEO of Ørn Software, Sten-Roger Karlsen, emphasizes that the listing on Euronext Growth in Oslo will enable the company to continue its strong growth. Ørn Software raised NOK 250 million in new equity ahead of the listing, and attracted a range of high-quality investors, including Swedbank Robur, BI Asset Management, Aktia Asset Management, and Tar Heel Capital. Based on the offer price of NOK 10.50 per share, the market capitalization of Ørn Software is NOK 902 million, including the new shares.

Ørn Software’s largest shareholder since 2017, Viking Venture, has during the last nine months IPO’ed four of its portfolio companies – all B2B software as a service companies with M&A driven growth.

Read the full story here


Our adventure continued in May, when we could add Landax to the family

Landax has a unique position within the Quality Management space, and its platform offers an impressive width in functionality that perfectly complements our existing portfolio. Landax represents an offering that is highly attractive for Ørn’s existing customers, and vice versa. The acquisition adds 540 new customers to Ørn Software’s portfolio, including a range of large companies within Norwegian retail, logistics and industry. The acquisition also provides Ørn with 11 highly skilled employees in Norway, and a development team in Poland.

Today, companies need to continuously increase efficiency and quality to remain competitive and relevant. Implementing digital management tools is an important step towards meeting these goals. Mega-trends like digitization, smart buildings and cities, and industry 4.0 are driving the development of new technology, allowing even more value to be created with our software solutions.

Read the full story here


Last, but not least. Today, Ørn Software could announce the acquisition of Finish company Rapal

The acquisition adds 250 new customers to Ørn Software’s portfolio. Not only real estate companies, but also real estate tenants and architectural offices. It also provides Ørn with 70 highly skilled employees in Espoo, Finland, and a subsidiary in San Francisco. The US business is primarily focused on workplace analytics and smart office solutions. This gives consultants and architects access to tools used in the design phase of building projects to optimize space utilization.

“Through the acquisition of Rapal, Ørn Software continues to execute on its geographical expansion and growth plan. Rapal’s offering is highly complementary to Ørn’s real estate platform, with best-in-class solutions for lease, space and workplace management. Rapal’s Smart office solution meets the post-Covid demands perfectly, empowering companies to ensure a safe return to a more dynamic and flexible workplace”

Sten-Roger Karlsen, CEO Ørn Software

The acquisition of Rapal represents Ørn Software’s first step into Finland. After the acquisition of Rapal, we will be represented in all the Nordic countries. This will give us huge cross-selling opportunities in each region and across borders.

“I am excited to start working with Ørn. It was obvious from the very beginning that there is no overlap in our offering, neither geographically nor in terms of content, even though the customer segments are the same. This offers us great possibilities to provide our customers with a unique and versatile product portfolio. As the CEO and main owner of Rapal for over thirty years, I am particularly happy to join the Ørn family, which I find very professionally managed and share same vision as we do; to be a recognized and leading SaaS-provider in the fragmented space and occupancy management markets in Europe,”

Tuomas Kaarlehto, CEO Rapal

Read the full story here


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MainManager changes it’s name to Ørn Software

At the end of December 2020, the Norwegian software company View Software bought all shares in MainManager ehf. The companies have now merged under the name Ørn Software.

From ultimo April, MainManager’s company name will be changed to Ørn Software ehf. The registration number/Kennitala does NOT change as we are only changing our name. The name change is part of establishing a common vision and values ​​of all companies within the Ørn Software family. Ørn Software has succeeded well in the M&A market. We had four acquisitions in 2020 alone: Pixelwerk, Avector, MainManager and Entro IT, in addition to Facilit in 2021. Together we use our strengths to create a comprehensive range of information technology solutions and strengthening business services.

We give you the big picture. That is why we from 2021 onwards will be called ØRN Software.

The king of the sky has an eyesight eight times more powerful than that of humans. The eagle flies higher than any other bird and can rotate its head 210 degrees. It has two focal points in its eyes, so that it can look both straight ahead and sideways at the same time!

In the same manner, we help our customers to both see the tiny details as well as the whole picture.

Ørn Software offers SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions with an emphasis on real estate and quality management as well as solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability. There is a great demand for digital solutions that contribute to increased efficiency in real estate management. We are fully involved in the exciting development that is taking place in the industry.

We are a fast-growing company and have doubled the turnover last year with over 1,200 customers in the Nordic region, aiming to be a Nordic leader in our core areas. We are also entering foreign markets.

On March 29th, 2021, Ørn Software was listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo. The company raised almost ISK 4 billion, which enables the company to continue to grow. This way we can offer our customers an even more diverse range of solutions and services. Read that story here!


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Facility Management – 30 years of moving forward!

In August 1990, Gunnlaugur B. Hjartarson and Linunhonnun engineering office, along with Petur Gunnlaugsson, started the MainManager adventure. At the time, the concept of Facility Management did not exist in the minds of its founders. The main objective was maintenance of buildings and the development of knowledge banks for durability of building parts.

Founder, Gunnlaugur reflects:

We were lucky to get good customers from the beginning, but in these early years, we probably also made all the mistakes that could be made. Brave men and women were sent out to building sites to measure and record building components, ranging from windows and walls to technical systems and beyond. We soon became champions on registering building parts, but we had little focus on how maintaining all this detailed information would do the building owner any good. When we saw what they really needed; tools that solves daily tasks, we began to identify what kind of processes are useful for the general management of real estate.

This was a good lesson for us – and our customers. It should be mentioned that they are still our customers today.

After some time, we learned that our subject is called „Facility Management“. We have developed this subject further, with great partners in Scandinavia and the UK. The journey has been extremely instructive. Now, 30 years later, MainManager is used to manage 10.000.000 m2, in 7 countries.

Through our many and varied customers, and off course our skilled employees, we have learned which processes in Facility Management gives the most benefits. It is fair to say that MainManager over the years has developed recognized and tested solutions within the Facility Management sector. So, after 30 years on our own, we are now super excited to start a new adventure as part of the ØRN Software family. I always wanted our product to be accessible for everyone who needs a clear overview of their properties. With ØRN, we will achieve just that.

Graphic Designer, Gro Teig continues:

In 2017 I started my adventure in MainManager. That makes me one of the latest to join the MainManager team. Still, I think my observations, my experience, (and my survey for the employees…) can shed some light on the people behind the product.

So, what started with 1 person in Iceland 30 years ago, now consists of a group of talented individuals in Iceland, Denmark, and Norway. We love to educate ourselves, and in total we spent around 120 years doing so : )

As a goldsmith, turned graphic designer, I must admit, I was a bit nervous about joining the crew of developers, engineers, sales- and product experts. I had been very ill for a few years. I felt a bit off my game, and entered a high intensity work environment, with my own reduced work capacity. All my nerves were soon calmed, as I from the start was very well taken care of. A reason for this might be that we, in addition to working with making great software, also are raising 37 children, 5 dogs, 5 cats and 9 (!) rabbits. That requires a lot of care & love!

I guess we also really love our workplace, as we in average have spent more than 10 years in MainManager. Some a lot more, a couple of us a little less. One can only do so much business, without a good dose of pleasure. We are travelers, nature lovers, party people, sportsmen- and women. We love Fridays, but do not mind Mondays. For those of us, who needs coffee to get through the week, we drink around 4 cups of the brew every day.

Every year all employees, and our partners, meet up for a fun weekend. With offices in Iceland, Denmark, and Norway, we do not really see each other that often. The annual party is therefore an event we all look forward to! 2020 was sadly a year we were not able to keep up the tradition, hug each other and dance the night away. I hope we can reach out beyond the screen soon!”

Now we are entering a new era, with our new extended family; Ørn Software. It’s exciting and we are looking forward to the road we’re going to walk with our new colleagues in Norway.


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Hattrick for MainManager!

MainManager – ‘Excellent in Iceland’ – three years in a row

In September 2020, MainManager Facility Management once again received the Fyrirmyndarfyrirtæki í Rekstri (Excellent in Iceland) recognition by Viðskiptablaðið and Keldan. MainManager is among the 3% of companies in the country to receive this award. Now we have received it three years in a row – and we are pretty happy about the hattrick!

MainManager Facility Management - 'Excellent in Iceland' three years in a row
We are really happy to have accomplished this, three years in a row now.

In order to get listed, companies need to live up to various conditions;

The companies must have delivered a positive return in the 2019 fiscal year. Revenues must have exceeded 30 million IS krónur, assets over 80 million, and the equity ratio must have exceeded 20%. In addition, other factors, like the results from previous year are taken into account.

But that’s not all

In addition to receiving the ‘Excellent in Iceland’ recognition, we are really excited about the development of our future MainManager FM version. We have learnt a lot within Facility Management for the last few years, and we are still learning. We have a great team, that consists of a diverse group of talented individuals that are passionate about delivering an outstanding product and service. That’s how we move forward in such a good way.

Big shoutout to MainManager Facility Management offices in Denmark and Norway, we all pull together! Hopefully we get to hang out together again – both customers and MainManager teams – across the different countries, when the world opens up again. In the meantime – stay safe out there.


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Fantastic experience at The port of Aarhus

A customer visit to remember!

The port of Aarhus have been our customers for almost ten years, and will now expand the use of MainManager to all of their buildings around the harbor. The port is Denmark’s largest commercial port, with the country’s largest container terminal and the largest public bulk turnover. This means that a significant part of the consumer goods that are imported and exported to and from Denmark are handled via The port of Aarhus.

Last Friday Gudmundur and I visited The port. We were very lucky to get a guided tour to see the biggest container cranes.

Gudmundur enjoying the spectacular view from the top!
Nerve wrecking view through the glass floor – especially when you’re scared of heights!
But I’m doing my part, as the crane operator.

A few facts about the cranes:

  • These big cranes handle approximately 550.000 20 feet container in one year – more than 1 pr. minute
  • They are more than 50 meters high
  • The steel wire that lifts the containers weighs 3600 kg – only the wire itself
  • The power supply for a crane is 10.000 volt
  • They can lift cargo weighing up to 100 ton
Standing there at the top of a crane, we were so lucky to see the 40 year anniversary flight of the Danish F-16 fighter jets when they passed by Aarhus in formation.


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Happy news from MainManager Norway!

Beautiful Ålesund – and it’s scenic views!

MainManager to deliver FM solutions in Ålesund

Following the decision to merge the five municipalities; Ålesund, Haram, Sandøy, Skodje and Ørskog on the west coast of Norway, the new municipality decided to tender for a new Facility Management system. MainManagers offer was rewarded with high scores in the evaluation, and a contract was signed last week. We are really looking forward to work with our new partners in Norway!

The municipalities implement the building information system, property management and asset management system, apartment rental system, project management system for construction of new buildings, help desk for property users, cleaning planning, equipment registration, etc. MainManager will be integrating to the new municipality’s financial system to monitor the progress of projects, maintenance and new construction costs.

With this contract the new municipality of Ålesund intend to digitize a property portfolio of approximately 500,000 m2. They will implement digital work processes and utilize new technologies used in the construction industry, BIM, 2D interactive drawings, QR codes, APP, digital contract agreements, sensors etc.


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Excellent in Iceland 2019

Happy staff here at the Icelandic office
We are generally a pretty happy crowd here at the Icelandic office, but today is extra special!
Big shoutout to our offices in Denmark and Norway too, we all pull together!


In September 2019, MainManager received the Fyrirmyndarfyrirtæki í Rekstri (Excellent in Iceland) recognition by Viðskiptablaðið and Keldan. MainManager is among the 3% of companies in the country to receive this award. That is kind of cool!

In order to get listed, companies need to live up to various conditions;
The companies must have delivered a positive return in the 2018 fiscal year. Revenues must have exceeded 30 million IS krónur, assets over 80 million, and the equity ratio must have exceeded 20%. In addition, other factors, like the results from previous year are taken into account.

You can read the special edition of Viðskiptablaðið here.


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MainManager í fremstu röð í nýsköpun í fasteignarekstri

Bylting á sér nú stað í stafrænni upplýsingatækni í byggingariðnaði sem smám saman skilar sér í mikilli hagræðingu í rekstri mannvirkja. MainManager hefur tekið þátt í byltingunni síðustu 30 ár í gegnum innlenda og erlenda viðskiptavini sem margir eru fremstir á þessu sviði í heiminum. Skrefunum sem viðskiptavinir MainManager hafa tekið er hægt að lýsa í nokkrum þrepum. Í fyrsta lagi hafa þeir komið gögnum um mannvirkin á stafrænt form. Í öðru lagi hafa þeir innleitt rafræna verkferla fyrir rekstur mannvirkjanna með beintengingu við bókhaldskerfi. Má þar nefna verkferla fyrir viðhald og rekstur, hjálparborð, ræstingar, orkuvöktun og leigusamninga. Að hafa þetta allt á einum stað auðveldar umsjónarmönnun fasteigna að hafa yfirsýn yfir þau verk sem þarf að vinna í mannvirkjunum sem og kostnaðarstöðu. Í þriðja lagi hafa þeir tekið í notkun IoT skynjara til að innleiða sjálfvirkni í reksturinn. „Skynjararnir geta mælt mörg ólík atriði. Þeir geta til dæmis sent skilaboð til að láta vita að það þurfi að tæma ruslagáminn, að gluggi sé opinn eða að ljós séu kveikt einhvers staðar eða hreyfing í einhverju húsi. Möguleikarnir eru óendanlegir,“ segir Guðrún Rós Jónsdóttir, framkvæmdastjóri MainManager. „Þessir skynjarar eru orðnir mun ódýrari en áður og hægt er að nota þessa tækni til að spara sér heilmikla eftirlitsvinnu.“ Þeir sem lengst eru komnir eru byrjaðir að notast við gervigreind (machine learning) til að aðstoða við að taka réttar ákvarðanir byggðar á reynslu og þekkingu sem safnast hefur saman í þekkingargrunn rekstraraðilans.

Nýsköpun MainManager, samþætting tæknilausna

Guðmundur og Guðrún Rós

Guðrún segir fyrirtækið hafa haft öfluga viðskiptavini og spennandi verkefni í Fasteignastjórnun á síðustu árum. „Norska ríkið – Statsbygg – er stór viðskiptavinur MainManager, sveitarfélög bæði íslensk sem erlend, má hér nefna Aarhus kommune í Danmörku sem var að koma inn sem nýr viðskiptavinur á þessu ári. Stærsti spítali Norðurlanda sem staðsettur er á Jótlandi og Kaupmannahafnarháskóli eru einnig á meðal okkar viðskiptavina,“ segir hún. „Þetta eru viðskiptavinir sem eiga og reka milljónir fermetra af húsnæði. Margir viðskiptavinir okkar hafa verið óhræddir við að prófa sig áfram með nýjustu tækni. Lausnir MainManager hafa ekki farið varhluta af þessu og byggja nú í ríkum mæli á stafrænum kortum, þrívíddarlíkönum af mannvirkjum (BIM), gagnvirkum hæðarteikningum og þeim möguleikum sem snjallsímatæknin býður upp á svo sem skönnun á QR-kóðum og GPS-staðsetningu. Með því að sýna viðskiptavinum fram á skynsamlega notkun á þessu hefur MainManager náð að skipa sér í fremstu röð á sínum mörkuðum.“

Mikilvægi fasteignastjórnunar stöðugt að aukast

Fasteignastjórnun (Facility Management) er um 30 ára faggrein í Evrópu. Mikilvægasta hlutverk fagsins er að sjá um viðhald og rekstur á mannvirkjum sem eins og dæmin sanna af innlendum fréttum undanfarið má oft betur fara. Það vinnur einnig að því að samþætta innra skipulag og þjónustuferla fasteigna með það markmið að styðja kjarnastarfsemina sem fram fer í byggingunni og tryggja þægindi og heilsu fólksins. Innra skipulag aðstöðunnar og framkvæmd stoðferla hefur meiri áhrif á fólk og afköst en menn hafa gert sér grein fyrir. Þetta þýðir að faghópurinn sem sinnir fasteignastjórnun er farinn að hafa áhrif á allar ákvarðanir um byggingu, skipulag og þjónustu við hönnun nýrra mannvirkja. Stærri fasteignaeigendur hafa reyndar gengið svo langt að krefjast nákvæms stafræns líkans áður en til framkvæmda við byggingu fasteignar kemur. Þá er hægt að gera ýmsar greiningar á aðstöðunni eins og líftímagreiningar, ferlagreiningar, reikna út umhverfisáhrif út frá efnisvali, orkunotkun og fleira. Þessir aðilar hafa margir hverjir safnað saman verðmætum upplýsingum frá rekstri stærri eignasafna. Til að þetta sé mögulegt þarf öflugt fasteignaumsjónarkerfi.

Starfsmenn MainManager á Íslandi

Ávinningur fasteignaeigenda

Guðrún segir flesta vera sammála um að notkun öflugra stafrænna verkferla við rekstur fasteigna gefi mikla hagræðingu hjá rekstraraðilanum. „Það sem hins vegar hefur vafist fyrir fasteignaeigandanum er fjárfestingin við að umbreyta gögnum á stafrænt form. Það er forsenda þess að þessir verkferlar skili almennilegum árangri. Þar sem þetta hefur verið mælt sýnir það svart á hvítu að fjárfestingin skilar sér strax á tveimur til þremur árum. Þá á enn eftir að reka mannvirkið í 40 til 60 ár.“ Almennt er kostnaður fyrirtækja í stoðþjónustu um 10-20% af rekstrarkostnaði þeirra. Með vel skilgreindum rafrænum verkferlum er hægt að ná fram ögun og hagræðingu sem skilar um 10-30% sparnaði á þessum þáttum. Stjórnendum er gert kleift að byggja ákvarðanir á tölulegum staðreyndum um leið og þeir byggja upp þekkingu á eignamassa og þjónustu sinni. Guðrún nefnir sem dæmi að einfalt er að reikna út ávinning af skilvirkri flatarmálsstjórnun. Hagræðing hjá stórum fasteignaeiganda í notkun á flatarmáli getur leitt til tugmilljóna króna sparnaðar. Ef yfirsýnin er til staðar þá auðveldar það að sjá hvort húsnæði sé nýtt til fulls. Í skólahúsnæði eru sem dæmi stofur oft ekki nýttar á kvöldin og þá væri hægt að leigja þær út til annarrar starfsemi til að ná betri nýtingu.“

Stuðningur við heimsmarkmið Sameinuðu þjóðanna

Guðmundur Ludvigsson, framkvæmdastjóri MainManager í Danmörku, segir að hugbúnaðurinn dragi fram hvaða verkefni styðja við heimsmarkmið Sameinuðu þjóðanna og hvetji notendur til að hafa þessa þætti í huga við markmiðasetningu sína. Sem dæmi hafa byggingar og byggingaframkvæmdir gríðarleg áhrif á umhverfið og leggja til:

  • 36% af orkunotkun heimsins
  • 40% af kolefnisfótspori
  • 33% af vatnsnotkun
  • 33% af úrgangi

„Það má rökstyðja að tíu af sautján heimsmarkmiðum Sameinuðu þjóðanna tengjast byggingum og rekstri þeirra á einn eða annan hátt. Í gegnum kerfið reynum við í auknum mæli að stuðla að betri orkunýtingu og minna kolefnisfótspori tengdu mannvirkjum. Kerfið veitir yfirsýn sem hjálpar til við að ná heimsmarkmiðunum,“ segir Guðmundur.

Ný tækifæri fyrir ráðgjafa í byggingariðnaðinum

„Verkfræðingar og arkitektar hafa verið leiðandi í notkun þrívíddarlíkana sem innihalda allar helstu tæknilegar upplýsingar um mannvirkið (BIM) í hönnun og byggingu á mannvirkjum. Þó vantar töluvert upp á að þeir sjái heildarmyndina og vinni að því að mannvirkjaeigandinn fái sem mesta hagræðingu og not af þessum líkönum,“ segir Guðmundur. „Hér vantar sameiginlegt átak aðila í byggingariðnaðinum til að lyfta þessu á hærra plan. Með því að vinna þessi líkön með því markmiði að þau lifi með mannvirkinu allan líftíma þess þá er miklum áfanga náð. Líkanið verður þá lykillinn fyrir upplýsingar fyrir allan rekstur og þjónustu á líftíma mannvirkisins.“

Spennandi verkefni í Singapúr

MainManager vinnur nú að spennandi verkefni í samvinnu við samstarfsaðila fyrirtækisins á Englandi og Kajima í Japan. Kajima er stórt verktakafyrirtæki sem á að afhenda fullkomið rekstrarhæft BIMlíkan til viðskiptavinar í Singapúr. „MainManager hugbúnaðurinn verður notaður í rekstrinum með öflugum tengingum við fjölda nema (IoT) sem taka púlsinn á rekstrinum. Kerfið verður notað til flatarmálsstjórnunar, útreiknings á umhverfisáhrifum og stýringar á orkunotkun,“ segir Guðrún. „Leigutakar munu nota kerfið við sinn eigin rekstur, uppsetningu á innbúi o.fl. Einnig er ráðgerð notkun og innleiðing á gervigreind (big data analysis) þegar fram í sækir.“

Ný MainManager FM lausn

Í lok árs kemur ný MainManager FM lausn á markað sem leggur enn ríkari áherslu á notendavænleika og grafíska framsetningu gagna. Hún er skalanleg og aðlagast skjástærð, hvort sem um ræðir snjallsíma, spjaldtölvu eða borðtölvu.